Chibi Knight


Once upon time, in a country far away, its name is the kingdom of Oukoku. That lovely kingdom isn’t peaceful anymore when 3 cruel beasts invade this country.

The first beast is Canyon Beast which is yellow; you meet him at the end of level 1. The second guy is Island Beast which is a colorful dragon; you fight him at the end of stage 2. The name of the third one is Demon Beast who is the strongest. To kill Demon Beast, you have to break some yellow light bulbs which keep the monster strong.

One day, a hero whose name is Chibi appears. Each time this short hero fights the beast face to face, you must combine Arrow Keys and S cleverly because monsters often jumper higher than the hero does. Besides jumping higher, monsters are bigger and more crowded than Chibi is. Besides three big ugly guys, there are quite a lot of bellicose monsters who are fond of getting in Chibi’s way. Chibi should search for help from somebody else such as wizards. They are Attack Wizard who wears a purple hat, Shield Wizard who is an old man with long green beard, Life Witch who is a woman with yellow hair and Fire Wizard who wear red clothes.

Magic is limited, so after knocking out a monster, Chibi will gain energy from it. The more monster Chibi defeat, the stronger he is. There are 5 levels. In each level, after defeating a final monster, Chibi gets war booty which is a pair of powerful boots in level 1, a key in level 2, more spells and an axe in level 3 etc. You can upgrade his Attack, Armor or Magic. Later levels, enemies are more powerful, especially in level 5 Chibi must fight against Demon Beast.

How to play:

Use the arrow keys are for moving, A key for attacking or selecting, S for spells and P for pausing.