Chibi Knight

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Connect with a live, online College Algebra tutor. Available 24/7 through Video, Chat, and Whiteboards. Get live site Once upon time, in a country far away, its name is the kingdom of Oukoku. That lovely kingdom isn’t peaceful anymore when 3 cruel beasts invade this country.

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Trying to buy essay cheap? If you’re looking to Business Plan Cost and you need it as fast as possible, we are here for you. One day, a hero whose name is Chibi appears. Each time this short hero fights the beast face to face, you must combine Arrow Keys and S cleverly because monsters often jumper higher than the hero does. Besides jumping higher, monsters are bigger and more crowded than Chibi is. Besides three big ugly guys, there are quite a lot of bellicose monsters who are fond of getting in Chibi’s way. Chibi should search for help from somebody else such as wizards. They are Attack Wizard who wears a purple hat, Shield Wizard who is an old man with long green beard, Life Witch who is a woman with yellow hair and Fire Wizard who wear red clothes.

Our professional produces top-quality customized term papers from scratch. Our academic writers guarantee plagiarism-free approach and Magic is limited, so after knocking out a monster, Chibi will gain energy from it. The more monster Chibi defeat, the stronger he is. There are 5 levels. In each level, after defeating a final monster, Chibi gets war booty which is a pair of powerful boots in level 1, a key in level 2, more spells and an axe in level 3 etc. You can upgrade his Attack, Armor or Magic. Later levels, enemies are more powerful, especially in level 5 Chibi must fight against Demon Beast.

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